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Love Montana Beef is a a FOR-PROFIT advocacy whose goal is to offer consumers a beef product born, fed, finished, processed, packaged in Montana and distributed in and out of Montana.  Our goal is to create identity and collective ownership in the Love Montana Beef brand as we burrow through the layers that have ultimately kept our beef consumers from an intimacy with the people who produce it.

Our product developed from our personal belief that animals raised for food consumption should be happy, healthful, and exceptionally flavorful. It is our pleasure to introduce to you a wholesome beef product raised without hormones or antibiotics foraging under the Big Sky on green pastures of Montana.  No dyes or injections are necessary because our meat is fresh, and our animals are vigorous with life. We love our hamburger, steaks, and roasts and truly hope you will enjoy as well.  Our goal is that everyone should have access to a wholly made-in Montana, affordable beef product.  We minimize costs by selling ranch-direct to allow you to customize your beef ordering to your liking.  

Beef Steak
From Feeders 2020 (33).JPG
Custom Cattle Feeders 

As Certified Global Humane, we provide a valuable service for producers who have made a conscientious decision to provide not only a more wholesome product for consumers, but also the highest standards of ethical treatment for their livestock. Each animal enjoys a per capita space requirement. Our feeding program promotes a low-stress environment that minimizes feeding competition and allows for natural feeding postures. 

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