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Love Montana Beef is a a FOR-PROFIT advocacy whose goal is to offer consumers a beef product born, fed, finished, processed, packaged in Montana and distributed in and out of Montana.  Our goal is to create identity and collective ownership in the Love Montana Beef brand as we burrow through the layers that have ultimately kept our beef consumers from an intimacy with the people who produce it. 

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 A taste of our flavorful beef will transpose you to Big Sky Country where our cattle forage mineral-rich emerald green grass in wide-open spaces.  

 See first hand how your beef is made as

you ride along through beautiful Montana

mountain and valley landscapes to talk with neighbors about cattle prices, rescue an orphan calf, start a colt, buy hay and see the making of working cow horses and dogs.  Take a virtual visit to the butcher shop where our gourmet butchers share their secret cuts.

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There are those that will maintain that a good horse will always be worth the hay it eats. It is from these holdouts that a rich heritage of ranching from horseback is preserved and passed down from generation to generation.  

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