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Our product was developed with our personal belief that animals raised for food consumption should be happy, healthful, and exceptionally flavorful. It is our pleasure to introduce to you a beef product wholesome-raised without hormones or antibiotics in a low stress environment on green pastures of Montana.  No dyes or injections are necessary because our meat is fresh, and our animals are vigorous-- foraging under a Big Sky and in wide-open pastures of Montana.  We love our hamburger, steaks, and roasts and truly hope you will enjoy as well.  Our goal is that everyone should have access to a wholly made-in Montana, affordable, beef product.  We minimize costs by selling ranch-direct and allow you you to customize a beef product to your liking complete with butcher's secret delicious cuts and steaks--you pay processor directly.  Pickup at ranch or processor only.  If you need help arranging delivery we would be glad to assist you, but shipping is an additional cost at your expense.  Our beef is purchased by monthly installments for future delivery, or by subscribing monthly:

Beef Whole or 1/2 Beef-customized through processor

20 lbs ground beef-- monthly subscription

Box Beef: 40 Lbs of Beef (includes roast, 20 lbs ground beef, 4 steaks)-- monthly subscription

Visit Our Subscriptions Page   or Book a Ranch Pick-Up

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