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How does it work?   

  1. Order your half or whole beef by securing it with a 10% deposit upon receiving a butcher date. Then we will deliver the steer to the processor and get a hanging weight to submit an invoice for immediate payment to Love Montana Beef. The Invoice will be $3.50/pound hanging weight (half or whole) less the 10% deposit for the remaining balance of the steer. 

  2. Our gourmet butchers will call you to get your order. If you know what you’ll just order 1- or 2-inch steaks, 1- or 2-pound hamburger packages, steak cuts and roasts the way you like. If you have never ordered customized beef is a fun and educational process from which you will never return to your former way of buying beef. Our gourmet butchers are artists and enjoy sharing their expertise while providing you with this unique culinary experience.  Consultation with butcher is included in the processing fee of about $1.00/pound hanging weight. (plus $150 whole $75 half kill fee). This fee will cover all costs to cut steaks, roasts, ground beef, and tenderize cube steak. He will call within 10-14 days after the meat hangs, and before he is ready to cut your order. 

  3. Specialty items like sausage, beef sticks, and patties are extra.  

  4. Pay directly to the processor and pick up your order when he calls to tell you it is ready. We can help you to arrange delivery if necessary. 

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