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As the only Certified Global Humane, Global Animal Partnership (GAP), Non-Hormone Treated, Source & Age Verified custom feeders in Montana, we provide a valuable service for producers who have made a conscientious decision to provide not only a more wholesome product for consumers, but also the highest standards of ethical treatment for their livestock. We can fully outfit your needs even if your cattle are not certified, but want the same quality of care. 

Each animal enjoys a per capita space requirement. Our feeding program promotes a low-stress environment that minimizes feeding competition and allows for natural feeding postures.  Facilities include certified scale, 2 large very large pens, corral system, alleyway, loading shoot, hydraulic shoot, ample windbreaks and 2 corrals with loafing sheds and big red barn with stalls and doctoring chute. With several adjacent pastures that contain water and windbreaks or sheds, we can accommodate up to 1000 head.  We live on the mineral-rich Fairfield Bench where the best grass and grain in the world are produced.   Alfalfa, several grasses, barley, sorghum, and straw are either produced on the place or by a neighbor making a very cost effective ration. 

Custom feeding is $.35 per head per day plus feed. 

We have hundreds of acres to feed on as well as an excellent corral system for sorting.

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